Thursday, September 30, 2004

Job seeking senior executives consider BE important

BE is a major factor for job-seekers at the top of the pay scale, according to a survey conducted by executive job search service The survey was held under registered $100k+ executives. Eighty three percent of the survey’s 1,020 respondents said that a company’s record of BE is “very important” when deciding to accept a job offer.

Only 2% of executives responding to the survey said that the company’s record of BE was altogether “unimportant,” and 15% said it was “important, but not a deal-breaker.”

When asked about specific companies, the survey’s respondents showed a mixed response to recent, highly-publicized corporate scandals. While some of the most public faces of corporate malfeasance seem to have hindered their ability to recruit top talent, others have come away with their recruiting functions largely in tact.

“The scarlet letter of scandal haunts corporate misbehavers today,” explained founder and president, Marc Cenedella. “Our readers, who represent a cross section of the nation’s top $100K+ talent, clearly see the public images of the companies they work for as a reflection of their own credibility in the marketplace. But, we find it interesting that they are also drawing subtle distinctions between what’s an acceptable corporate misstep and what’s an outright reputational disaster.”

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